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Acrobat Reader is required to download and print the Complaint Form and Cash Register Sign.  To download and install Acrobat Reader, click on the Adobe icon. It will take you to the Adobe Acrobat Reader site and give you instructions for downloading and installing Acrobat Reader.  After installing Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the form and print out the form.



Registration Form

Use this form to register for the program. Be sure to read the Agreement section to understand the requirements of the Program. (You can also register on-line)


Complaint Form

Once you have printed this form make several copies for future reference. The checks for each offender must be accompanied by one of these forms when you submit the checks.

Sample Demand Letter

If your company has not already drafted a letter to demand payment of a bad check, you can use this sample to develop one. 

Cash Register Sign

Display this sign to deter check writers who might be tempted to knowingly pass a bad check. The sign also states your intentions and your support for the Check Enforcement Program.  (You can also order pre-printed signs through the toll free number:  1-888-711-0103)